Overflow Monitoring

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January 10, 2018
Flow Monitoring
January 12, 2018

For the monitoring of sewer overflows, overflows in pump stations or in similar applications; we can offer our customers with two approaches to overflow monitoring.

The first approach will be the use of a single-purpose monitor (SPM) which provides SMS alerts to the stakeholder when the preset levels are triggered during a surcharge condition. They are useful when an alarm-only notification is needed to warn the stakeholder of a potential overflow. These devices are less costly to implement and easier to maintain for long term deployments. They are not designed to provide any data or site measurements.

The second approach is the use of real-time monitors (RTM) which may consist of a combination of sensors to provide both an alarm during a surcharge condition; as well as providing real-time level measurement or visual of the potential overflow condition. Real-time overflow monitors are more costly to implement and they require regular maintenance. The complementary sensors that real-time monitors are equipped with will also require more frequent battery changes than a single purpose monitor.