About Us


Kizen is an environmental monitoring service company which was established in March 2012 to cater to the ongoing needs of our customers both in Singapore and in regional markets.

“Ki” in Japanese is the word for air, atmosphere; and is the circulating life force energy that Chinese philosophers thought to be inherent in all things. When used in conjunction with the verb “Zen”; the word “Kizen” is born. Our philosophy is to strive to provide our customers quality monitoring services without causing harm to the environment. Our environmental systems are often eco-friendly and leaves very little footprint.

Our staff experiences in the monitoring industry stems back many years before big data and the internet-of-things (IOT) became a recent focus. We have a strong understanding on the demands of field systems; and how quality data can be obtained from the sensors for sustained periods. Kizen has been working on remote monitoring systems and web-based data display long before IOT became a recent focus. We have many years of experience providing continuous monitoring and telemetry systems to our customers, and as far back as 2007.

What sets us apart from the rest is in our many years of applied experiences in field systems; and which the correct deployment technique will make a difference to the quality of data being collected and monitored.

We are a group of passionate people who loves to share our experiences with you through your environment monitoring needs.


To become the premier partner to our customers in Asia for quality environment monitoring services and systems through our eco-friendly solutions. It is in our desire to continue to create baseline awareness of our illing planet and spread the need for environmental protection through our monitoring programmes.

Our Customers

Some of our major customers: